2018 Route

The Semester in the West camps for the 2018 program. We'll update this map as we move through the region. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 4.01.17 PM.png

Expected Itinerary (Subject to change)

  • August 20-23: Orientation (Walla Walla, WA)

  • August 24-28: Natural Resources Management (Wallowa County, OR)

  • August 29-September 4: Natural Resources and Wildlife (Methow Valley, WA)

  • September 6-12: Journalism and Wildlife Management (Greater Yellowstone, WY and MT)

  • September 13: Digital Media and Podcasting Workshop with KGB Productions (Jackson Hole, WY)

  • September 15: Ranching on Public Lands (Jackpot, NV)

  • September 17-27: Ecology with Mary O'Brien (Monroe Mountain, UT and Castle Valley, UT)

  • September 29-October 5: Writing Workshops with Ann Walka and Amy Irvine (Bluff, UT)

  • October 6-7: Havasupai Uranium Exploitation Protest (South Butte, AZ)

  • October 8-10: Grand Canyon History and Mining (Kane Ranch, AZ)

  • October 11-13: Navajo Reservation Service Learning (Hard Rock, AZ)

  • October 15-18: Writing Workshop with Stanley Crawford (El Valle, NM)

  • October 20-25: Watershed Ecology with Paul Arbetan (Santa Fe, NM)

  • October 27-30: Canoe Trip down Boquillas Canyon (Big Bend National Park, TX)

  • November 1-3: Desert Ecology with Paul Arbetan (Deming, NM)

  • November 5-8: Colorado River Delta with Sonoran Institute (Sonora, Mexico)

  • November 9-11: California Desert Endangered Species (Shoshone, CA)

  • November 11-12: History of Mojave Desert (Joshua Tree National Park, CA)

  • November 13-14: Northern California Conservation (Colusa, CA)

  • November 15-16: Drive back to Walla Walla, WA

  • November 17-December 1: Program-end projects at Johnston Wilderness Campus, Walla Walla, WA